Killian/Killion Family Genealogy

ANDREAS KILLIAN son of Andreas Kilian (Sr.), Located Old St. Paul Church, Newton, NC a cooper from Steinbach an der Holzecke, Germany, and his wife Dorothea Knaus, born 1702 and Baptist On Friday, 1 December 1702 in Steinbach, Germany.  Came to America 1732 on ship Adventure, arriving in PA. Later moved to North Carolina ca. 1747 living is what was then Lincoln County. Died ca. 1788. Assumed buried in Old Saint Paul's Church Cemetery, Newton, North Carolina.

Children of ANDREAS KILLIAN are:

Margaret, Leonard, John, Jean, Crate, Andrew, George, Catherine, Daniel, Samuel, Christianna, Elizabeth.

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My Killian Data Base (has 20,485 individuals and 7,041 marriages as of 7/15/2018) consist mainly of descendents of son, Samuel Killian, althrough it does contain descendents of all Andreas Killian children. It also includes the Forefathers of Andreas Killian (b:1702) back to Sebastian Kilian (b:bef 1570).

If you have data you would like to share, or if you find data I have that is incorrect or incomplete, please let me know so it can be corrected.  When referencing a person, please use the RIN (Record Identification Number) appended to the surname to help in identifying the correct person.  Send corrections, updates or questions to .
Please note, all personal information (except name) is removed from individuals still assumed to be alive, before placing on the website, but does remain in my offline database.

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My Family Photos

Josie Leander "Lee" Killian
daughter Bertha

Josie Leander and daughter Bertha Killian

Hattie Herman 'Mama' Killian

Hattie 'Mama' Herman Killian

Neta Killian Setzer (My Mother)

Neta Killian Setzer

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